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Arrange a customized tour to Ecuador with Kuoda and discover just how much this equatorial nation has crammed within its borders: dense rainforests filled with innumerable species, vibrant indigenous cultures, strange volcanic landscapes and truly striking architecture. Whether you want romance or relaxation, spirited adventure or family fun, Kuoda will work with you to create a personalized trip to Ecuador that’s just right.

For nature-bereft travelers, dreams of the remarkable Galápagos Islands – or as the Spanish referred to them, “Las Encantadas” (The Bewitched Isles) – often spur them to embark on a personalized trip to Ecuador. With giant tortoises and lava lizards tottering freely, as well as flightless cormorants, blue-footed boobies, and of course, Darwin’s finches, the wildlife of these pristine islands never fails to impress visitors. Those looking for close encounters with the world’s most curious creatures can also find them in the surrounding waters, which teem with life, from sea lions and dolphins to the Galápagos penguin – the only species in the world to make its home in tropical waters.

But personalized travel to Ecuador doesn’t begin and end with these enchanting islands. Rest assured, there is a lot more to see, including the jungle (the Amazon), mountains (the Andes) and the paradisiacal coast as well as several picturesque colonial towns.

Capital Quito
Largest City Guayaquil
Language Spanish, Kichwa, Shuar
Government Republic
Area 283,561 km2
Population 16,289,217
Currency  United States dollar (USD)
Time Zone ECT / GALT (UTC−5 / −6)

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